Shaking Makes Imtech Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers More Efficient

Our European-manufactured drying systems are the number one choice in industries where drying is an important part of the manufacturing process. Whether you work with dairy or other foods, vitamins, animal feed, minerals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, frac sands, or biomass drying, our machines provide consistency and efficiency. Cam-driven fluid bed dryers from Imtech Ventilex prevent damage to your product, reduce wear-and-tear, and lower your operating costs. Our machines even cut down on the risk of overheating that occurs in most other conventional dryers.

If you want an edge in your industry, our equipment offers:

  • Steady and predictable drying. Your product will never be over or under dried.
  • Fluidization or sub-fluidization. If your product requires longer drying time, this allows for process-required plug flow characteristics.Shaking, energy efficient fluid bed dryer for frac sand and other minerals.
  • Multi-stage PLC controls. This ensures perfect product temperature and energy efficiency.
  • Our exclusive shaking motion technology. This creates first-in, first-out drying that controls heat time and temperature when needed.
  • Product transport that is heavy duty and robust. This ensures low maintenance, dependability, and increased equipment life.
  • Lower energy costs. When compared to conventional high-frequency vibrating or static fluid bed dryers or rotary dryers, our equipment is the most energy efficient.

If you would like to learn more about low-frequency fluid bed dryers that significantly enhance your productivity and improve your bottom line, contact Imtech Ventilex USA, Inc. at 513.217.5830.

High-Quality Custom-Designed Fluid Bed Dryers

Our design process for engineering fluid bed drying systems enables you to enjoy the greatest efficiency and best cost savings in your industry. Benefits of using a Ventilex fluidized bed dryer system include:

  • Custom designs that suit your industry. Whether you are looking for CIP (Clean in Place) for dairy, hygienic, or food applications, or High Temperature Design for inert materials, we provide equipment that prevents damage to your products and improves your output and quality.
  • High energy efficiency. Our equipment can save you 40% or more on your steam, gas, or oil costs, while also reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Fully automatic operation. Our equipment is capable of operating at a drying air temperature up to 1112°F [600°C]. It also offers fluidization/sub-fluidization to control the time spent in the dryer and the final results.
  • USDA and FDA accepted and surpassed standards for dairy, food, and pharmaceutical grade production. Stainless steel is used in our equipment for product contact areas, unless another alloy is requested by the client.

If you are shopping for a sand dryer, DDGS dryer, herb dryer, or any other type of fluid bed dryers, Imtech Ventilex USA, Inc. can engineer a custom piece of equipment that meets your needs. Our fluidized bed dryers are constructed from the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to provide a lasting return on your investment.

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